26 June, 2019 7:52 AM

Archdiocese of Port of Spain Extends Compassion to Migrants and Refugees

"When we look around there is so much to do that at times some of us seem to be overwhelmed. It is at these times that we need to hold on to the words of St. Teresa of Calcutta, who reminded us: What you can do, I can’t do, and what I can do, you can’t do, but together we can do something beautiful." Powerful words that Chair of the Catholic Commission for Social Justice (CCSJ), Leela Ramdeen, shares with her Trinidad & Tobago community to inspire action towards creating a safe and compassionate home for the refugees and migrants that have come to their shores form over 30 countries.

On Tuesday, June 18th, in celebration of World Refugee Day, The CCSJLiving Water Community, the Archdiocese’s Ministry for Migrants and Refugees (AMMR), and the UN Refugee Agency  organized a screening of Soufra for the Trinidad & Tobago community. This collaboration is one of their many efforts to welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants and refugees who have come to our shores seeking peace and an opportunity to live with dignity.

The event brought out 160 members of the community from all walks of life. The audience walked away with their thoughts provoked and hearts touched with inspiration, as Leela gratefully shared that this experience was, "a true symbol of hope".

Leela shares with the community through her passion to dignify the lives of all migrants and refugees, “In spite of the challenges that we face in seeking to build this Ministry in the absence of domestic legislation, there is much that we can and must do as Catholics to reach out in love and solidarity as we seek to build bridges of hope and to build an inclusive society.”

Living Water Community has been working with migrants and refugees for over 30 years and is the implementing partner with UNHCR. Fully aware of the magnitude with the task at hand, the CCSJ and AMMR understand that the transformation needed will take time to see through.  However, raising awareness and starting the discussion is essential to finding and moving towards the solution. And while the solution is in process, they are compelled to use their resources to serve, standing by their overall mission: To welcome, protect, promote, and integrate – creating a home inclusive to all migrants and refugees.

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