06 February, 2019 1:55 PM

Soufra Screening in Seattle Exceeds Expectations

Friday, February 1st, Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral attracted an audience that exceeded their expectations, as they premiered their 2019 First Friday Film Series with Soufra, taking part in the Breaking Bread Initiative.

Built on the guiding principles to welcome, transform, and serve, Saint Mark’s developed a Mideast Focus Ministry that aims to educate and promote understanding about the struggle for peace and justice in the Holy Land. Initially, with a focus concerning Palestinian Human Rights, but now being in the midst of the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time, the Ministry has shifted the scope of their work to be inclusive to ALL refugees.

Their 2019 First Friday Film Series explores what it is to be a refugee.  “We want to recommit ourselves to a more conscious, caring and Godly response—to recognize and serve our brothers and sisters who are, for a difficult time, homeless.” By sharing these stories they wish to show how this issue is not separate from us, and we all have a responsibility to take part in the the solution. Aiming to shine light on all realities of the life, hardships, and fortitude of refugees, Ruth McRee, member of the Mideast Focus Ministry knew the moment she saw Soufra it was a story that needed to be apart of their film series. The other films shown will provide education on much needed aspects such as the dangers of getting to safety, or following families through their 8 month time-limit to establish themselves once sent to resettle. Adding Soufra into the mix, Ruth wishes to spread the “inspiring and uplifting spirit that shines light on the power of community. We need to show hope…possibility.”

As the First Friday Film Series continues, St. Marks Mideast Focus Ministry will share a collection of compelling films as an entry point for reflection and discussion. Discovering what creates community and how they can work together to continue their efforts towards providing a home that kindly embraces all people.

Special thanks to Eric Harr for making this screening possible with his generous sponsorship. 

If you’re interested in hosting your own Breaking Bread event, please email us at [email protected]

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